What is the difference between Custom Design and Rebranding?

1. Custom Design - we have not produced this in the past, a sample will be coming from you and we will just copy it. You can also put your own label. Produced in a made to order basis. 

2. Rebranding - rebranding or putting your own label on our existing designs

We only cater for small-large scale production. We are also subcontractors for different brands (local and abroad). 



Minimum 100-1000pcs per design depending on the ff factors:

If our regular design with existing pattern minimum 100pcs (but still depending on availability of material)

If we do not have the material the minimum will be depending on the type of material, for example 1 roll of that material will produce 1000pcs -- the minimum will be 1000pcs


  1. Material- we need to evaluate what material to be used and how to acquire that certain material. 

For example: 1 roll (1 color only) of synthetic leather can make 100-300pcs of regular sized bag.

For hardwares, sometimes if your design requires a specialised zipper, to buy that zipper it is a minimum of 500-1000pcs.


  1. Labor Cost - will depend on the work needed and time needed to produce the product. Will also depend on the time spent on making the pattern and producing the sample 


TIMEFRAME: 6-8 weeks. (or more if your design is new and we have not done it before)



Protototype and Pattern Making: 5000pesos

-We charge this amount before sample or prototype production to compensate for the salary of the pattern-maker, this will also separate the non-sure buyers from sure buyers.

-This amount can be deducted on total payable amount

-80% downpayment after sample was made (This will cover the material cost) and 20% balance after finished product. 

Much better if you already have a sample that we can just reproduce so we can make ur pattern easily. 




We allow REBRANDING of our existing products:

By rebranding,

1. You can put your own product tags / etiketa on the products - the etiketa or product tag may or may not come from us.

2. You may use our photos and rename the products


There are different types of branding, pls see photos below:

1. Product tag with Nylon - recommended for starting company

2. Etiketa - more personalize, however requires a minimum 100pcs per design

3. Sticker - convenient and affordable


See photos below for examples




WE DO NOT ACCEPT RUSH PRODUCTION; all are hand made we cannot commit to rush orders because we are also servicing other companies as their sub contractor. Always quality before quantity.

Once your deposit was made , we will schedule the production of your order.





For quotation request, please send us the pictures, size, preferred material, preferred quantity, and timeframe if any
VIBER it to 09178826374


Send us the picture of the sample to be reproduce

Quantity required

Date you need the product