Courier Coverage, Delivery and Tracking




What will happen after I placed my order and paid for it?

1. After ordering please email your proof of payment to:

2. You will receive a payment confirmation within 24hours. This email will provide you your SHIPPING DATE OR SCHEDULED PICK-UP DATE


See sample email below: 

3. Shipping Schedule/ Scheduled Pick-up Schedule

Paid orders from Friday  =  Shipping Day is Monday

Paid orders from Saturday to Tuesday =  Shipping Day is Wednesday

Paid orders from Wednesday to Thursday =  Shipping Day is Friday


4. For example, your shipping date is MONDAY. On MONDAY NIGHT you will receive an email that your order has been shipped. Shipping means the courier or rider has picked up your package at our warehouse

FOR EXAMPLE: You paid Friday, your shipping date will be Monday, this means that your tracking number will be reflected on your website account on Monday night

5. On the night of your shipping date, log in again to your account and click on the WebsiteOrder link to see your tracking number. See example below:


Remember to log in to your account on the night of your shipping date, because encoding of tracking details takes a whole day due to high volume of shipment



    1 Tracking = 1 Package

    You may notice sometimes that you have 2 tracking, it means you have 2 package and so on.

    If you have 1 package or cargo u will have 1 tracking, but if u have multiple cargo it will have multiple tracking number (1 cargo = 1 tracking)

    In cases if you have 2 or more packages they may or may not arrive all at the same time because JRS warehouses do not segregate pacages via name, they only segerate via address. 

    Reason for multiple packages instead of 1 box only?

    - if products are usually bulky and heavy, this will make sure that each package can be easily transported

    -we have a courier partner thats provides us with discounted shipping fee but we need to ship in maximum kg only



    When a website order status is FULFILLED , it means it has already been shipped, but does not mean "delivered". It will be marked as "Fulfilled" and "Paid" on the night of your shipping date because we need to encode all tracking one by one thats why it takes until night time.
    To know if the package was delivered please refer on the instructions below on how to track.
    Shipping Schedule:
    Daily Monday-Wednesday-Friday
    Except Holidays and Sundays


    Estimated Delivery Timeframe:

    1. J&T Express: 3-7days
    2. RDR: up to 3 days
    3. AP CARGO: up to 15 days
    4. FEDEX International:  up to 7 days
    5. SCHEDULED PICK UP at Showroom

    For Scheduled Pick up: Customer can pick up at our Showroom or book a courier to pick up packages, but it has to be a scheduled pick up, means after paying your order we will prepare it and you will be given a scheduled pick up date.

     Shipping Schedule/ Pick-up Schedule

    Paid orders from Friday  =  Shipping Day is Monday

    Paid orders from Saturday to Tuesday =  Shipping Day is Wednesday

    Paid orders from Wednesday to Thursday =  Shipping Day is Friday


    How to track my order?


    1. Via J&T Express

    1. Why J&T Express is our #1 choice of courier?

    1. They have offered us cheaper rates than JRS and LBC which is important for us because our customers can enjoy lower sf rates
    2. We know the owner personally (super nice and mabait)
    3. We trust them and so far they have excellent work in delivering our packages
    4. All our packages are insured with them, this is very important to make sure our packages are safe!!!!
    5. The tracking is reliable, meaning their tracking website is up to date which is important also para nakikita ng customers namin ang status ng package. Not unlike sa JRS madalas hindi updated yung tracking website.
    6. Madali tawagan ang customer service hotline nila!!! Gustong gsto din namin ito sa kanila! Kasi yung ibang courier laging busy ang hotline!
    7. We are currently on a VIP service with Premium account with J&T where our packages are currently covered with 100% insurance. In line with this we need to also avail their official boxes and pouches to make sure every package is prepared professionally.


    2. How to track?


    3. How will I know if my address is serviceable by J&T Express?

    1. You may call their customer service at (02) 911-1888
    2. You may send them a message on their official Facebook Page on this link:
    3. Visit their website:


    4. How to follow up on my order and how to contact J&T Express regarding my package?

    1. You may call their customer service at (02) 911-1888
    2. You may send them a message on their official Facebook Page on this link:
    3. Visit their website:




    2. Via RDR c/o Kuya Larry


    1. Who is Kuya Larry?

    Kuya Larry has been our rider since 2012. He offer lower shipping fee rates within Manila, nearby Laguna and Cavite. He uses a motorcycle to deliver packages from 7am-10pm. He will not provide a tracking number because he is only a freelance rider, he does not have a website. Despite of this, he is the most requested rider of all our resellers in the nearby provinces and Manila because he is super kind and absolutely reliable! He also offer cheaper cheaper rates, but the areas are limited because he only uses a motorcycle to deliver packages.

    The delivery timeframe is 3-5days. He will text or call you if he is on his way. Please make sure that there is always someone to receive the package on your address and your contact number is active

    We do not recommend RDR c/o Kuya Larry if your address is an office address because of limited office hours/days. Also we do not recommend it if your address is a condominium unit or a building because of the Kuya Larry cannot leave his motorcycle in public parking areas for security of other packages.

    Choose RDR delivery if it is a residential address and if there is always a person available on that address to receive the package.





    Here are some of the feedbacks on Kuya Larry delivery :)





    3. Via AP CARGO (RORO)


    This courier is only applicable if your order is above 100pcs bulky bags.


    The handling fee for the driver to bring your package from our warehouse to AP Cargo branch is 300php. Thats the only charge you will pay us. The actual shipping fee will be calculated at the AP CARGO branch and you will pay it upon their delivery to you.

    Usually it takes 7-15days delivery because it is via RORO or ship.


    The shipping fee is very cheap for example 400 bags via JRS is almost 12000php, on AP CARGO they will only charge around 2000-3000k only 

    Shipping fee will differ for every area but definitely much cheaper than JRS.

    To know the nearest AP CARGO on your area you can call their customer service at: (02) 882-2746

    Or visit their website:




    4. International Shipment via FEDEX

    We ship and supply worldwide and the best and safest way is thru FEDEX


    Advantages of FEDEX:

    1.Fedex has granted our company 40% discount on shipping fee


    2. Their system is integrated on ur website, just add to cart the items and they will automatically calculate the shipping fee, meaning you can give your customer the exact shipping fee rate. This will avoid inaccurate quotation to customer.

    3. They provide us 100% insurance. Not unlike other couriers like Philpost, DHL, and LBC wherein there is always risk in shipping. Fedex provided our company 100% insurance to guarantee safety and security of items. This is a GREAT DEAL not only for our customers but also for us as the shipper.


    How to know the shipping fee?


    Our website will now compute based on actual weight. Fedex charges us the shipping fee based on actual weight or dimensional weight whichever is higher. in line with this, the shipping fee rates that will be computed by our website for international orders will be based on actual weight. If the dimensional weight is higher than the actual weight we will notify customer if there will be any additional shipping fee.

    To know the shipping rates, just add to cart the items you want to ship and enter the international address and our website will calculate the shipping fee (no need to check out). It will change depending on the qty and item you added to your cart, just click on Update Cart.

    How to know the day of delivery?

    Shipping days is up to 7days

    But our website is linked to FEDEX tracking site so you can monitor and track your order 

    How to track?

    You can get your tracking number when you login to your account in our website (instructions above)

    Once you have your tracking number
    Just go to fedex website, you can track it on this site: 



    Tutorial Video click here:


    For international shipments, the fees that has to be paid upon courier pick up are the ff:

    1. Freight Charges
    2. Local Processing Fees 

    These two charges are automatically calculated upon check out in our website because our website is linked directly to FEDEX site. All of your shipping charges goes to FEDEX.

    In terms of duties and taxes or even warehousing fee in the country of destination is not yet included the shipping fee being charged by Fedex.

    You may be charged customs duties and taxes when purchasing goods online, some or all of these goods may not originate in the country you reside in, therefore are subject to a customs duty, which is a tariff or tax imposed on goods when transported across international borders. Your country's de minimis value determines if local customs will assess a duty or tax on your shipment.

    There is no way of knowing from our end how much your customs fee (in your country) will be. This rules are different from every country. Almost all shipments crossing international borders are subject to duty and tax. Some also charge warehousing fee if the goods are not accepted on time. You may contact your local customs or Fedex customer service in your country for other informations.



    5. SCHEDULED PICK-UP  (You will pick up your order)


    You can choose to pick up your package by yourself or book a personal driver using transport applications like Angkas, Grab Express, Transportify, Or Lalamove and pick up your orders at our showroom. You need to book with them directly and shoulder their charges and fees, you will also be responsible for the shipment since you are the one to talk to this third party service providers.

    There is a 30php charge for packaging.


    PICK UP ADDRESS: Just search "Bags on Demand" - please do not book without a schedule




    We can accommodate Pick-Up but it has to be “no-physical contact” and for us to do this you need to place your order in advance, and after payment  give us 2-3 days to prepare your order and we will give you a go signal if the package is ready for pick-up. A 30php packaging fee will be applied for Pick-up Orders



    1. Order thru our website and choose Scheduled Pick Up upon check out

    2. Pay your order and email proof of payment to

    3. Wait for your PAYMENT CONFIRMATION

    4. Once item is prepared and ready for pick up we will email you for the date and time of pick up. We will also provide you the pick up address. Please do not book without our go signal.

    **Please advise rider that the payment for the delivery charge will be given at the delivery address and advise to double check the package with your correct name.




    On the night of every shipping date, we post photos of shipment on our Facebook Page. You may grab the photos and post it as your proof of shipment.


    Important Note:

    Shipping Fee rates are based on current courier contract and changes may apply without prior notice






    We also have Shopee and Lazada accounts where you can order hassle free:

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