[100% AUTHENTIC] Creations Spa Essentials Pain Relief Rub & Healing Oil (Meiyi Herbs Remedy)

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[100% AUTHENTIC] Creations Spa Essentials Pain Relief Rub & Healing Oil (Meiyi Herbs Remedy)

We only sell Authentic items (Beware of fakes especially those that are super cheap)
FDA Papers are given to us by the manufacturer to prove authenticity, it is only given to distributors, chat us if you need :)

✅To counter the spread of counterfeit rubs, the plant is relabeling to incorporate security features. Spa essentials 10g are now renamed “Meiyi” in the latest packaging. Tubs are also starting to transitioned with customized with “Meiyi” embossed on the side. For 50g it is still with the old name "Creations Spa Essentials" but the print is embossed.

Note: Probability of melting has increased with the rise in temperature nowadays. Please chat with us if you receive melted or deformed rubs so we can advise you remedies that do not compromise the efficacy of the product.

These non-greasy and deep penetrating rubs provide fast acting relief for muscle and joint pain. Their relaxing natural aroma likewise help relieve tension.

💛Energy (Orange)
🧡Ginger and Tea (Yellow)
💚Oliva Organica (Green)
💜Sleep (Lavender)

Available in the ff sizes:
50g: 169php
10g 59php
Healing Oil Roll-on 10ml: 89php

Please choose correct size and variant

✨Relaxing Aroma
✨Insect Bites
✨Relieve from Muscle Pain
✨Relieve from Nasal Congestion
✨Stress Reliever
✨Induce Sleep
✨Ease Depression
✨Increase Circulation

Rub or Massage on body or inhale as desired.

The main ingredient of this product is beeswax, it may melt in the course of shipping. However, melting will not impact on the efficacy of the product. We keep our inventory in a suitable location, following the required temperature and other handling specifications of the manufacturer. Rest assured that your orders are not melted when pack. Please note that melting (or deformation due to melting, i.e., uneven surface, etc.) is not an acceptable reason for request for return or refund as we do not have control over the handling of the parcels once picked up by the courier.

Please also note that color and strength of the scent may vary per manufacturing batch, especially for ORANGE and LAVENDER. This doesn’t impact on the products' efficacy and is therefore not an acceptable reason for return or refund.

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