10pcs Hair Removal Wax Paper Body Hair Mild Formula Personal care Skin Care Big Size by Lanbena

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10pcs Hair Removal Wax Paper Body Hair Mild Formula Personal care Skin Care Big Size by Lanbena

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  • 10x Wax Strips + 2x Disposable Wipes
  • Size: 9x18 cm
  • Ingredients:Beeswax, rosin, mineral oil, jojoba seed oil


Efficient body hair removal, easy hair removal, mild formula ingredients, effective skin care while removing hair, 

comfortable hair removal process.

[Applicable part]: 

Armpits, arms, legs, breasts, backs, etc

[How to use]

1.Keep your hair dry and straighten your hair in the direction of growth.

2.Rub this product with your hands for 3 minutes, then separate two pieces of wax paper and straighten out the direction of growth.

3.Slowly tear off the waxed wax paper.

4.Along the direction of hair growth, apply hair loss wax paper and allow it to fully contact the skin.

5.Immediately press the banned skin and quickly tear up the wax paper against the direction of hair growth.

6.After removing the hair, use a paper towel to wipe off the remaining wax without cleaning.

(Please be sure to follow the principle of applying along the direction of hair growth, tearing against the direction of hair growth)


Use the face, armpit, bikini, etc., cut it to a suitable size, use the same method as the whole piece.

Excess wax can be removed with a cotton wool pad or tissue moistened with baby oil.

Cold wax strips provide a gentle and safe application leaving your skin hair free for up to 4 weeks.

No need to heat before use.


Do not use on wounded, pustules, patches, warts or sunburned skin

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